Deployment of cutting-edge technology for the expansion of production capacities

UAB Geralda’s strategic goal is to greatly improve the sales of its products on the local market and particularly on foreign soil. The company seeks to increase its sales by offering to the consumers innovative and environment-friendlier products that create a higher added value for the buyers. To achieve this, the company needs to complete […]

Digital solutions for optimizing business management

UAB “Geralda” actively seeks uniqueness in competitiveness by using the least resources, providing smooth business process and communication with clients and business partners. Furthermore, all of this is achieved in a professional and timely manner. It is crucial to manage these processes well and to make effective and well-timed decisions when the demand and number […]

New horizons in 2016

In November 15th of 2017, our company finished a project named “UAB “GERALDA” – making the business more competitive by participation in international exhibitions”. Partly financed by European structural and investment funds, it was achieved with the tool “New Horizons”. The aim of the project was to increase the company’s competitiveness by exhibiting the firm […]

Promoting the competitiveness of UAB Geralda’s business through attendance of international shows

UAB Geralda is implementing the project ‘Promoting the Competitiveness of UAB Geralda’s Business Through Attendance of International Shows’, project No 03.2.1-LVPA-K-801-05-0029. The project is being implemented under New Opportunities LT, a measure co-funded with the financial resources of the European Regional Development Fund. The project has up to EUR 42,153 in funds earmarked to finance […]

Minimising the intensity of energy consumption at UAB Geralda

As part of the project ‘Minimising the Intensity of Energy Consumption at UAB Geralda’, project No 04.2.1-LVPA-K-836-01-0047, under the measure Renewable Energy Resources for Industry LT+, priority axis 4 ‘Supporting Energy Efficiency and the Production and Use of Renewable Energy’, the company has bought equipment for a photovoltaic solar power station. The company has invested […]