Minimising the intensity of energy consumption at UAB Geralda

As part of the project ‘Minimising the Intensity of Energy Consumption at UAB Geralda’, project No 04.2.1-LVPA-K-836-01-0047, under the measure Renewable Energy Resources for Industry LT+, priority axis 4 ‘Supporting Energy Efficiency and the Production and Use of Renewable Energy’, the company has bought equipment for a photovoltaic solar power station.

The company has invested EUR 80,227.27 of its own funds (exclusive of VAT) into this project under a funding agreement, and the support amount totals EUR 94,842.16. The total amount of eligible expenses in the project budget stands at EUR 160,749.43 (exclusive of VAT).

UAB Geralda is one of Lithuania’s largest candle manufacturers and has been in business for over 20 years. The company’s specialty is container candles for indoor and outdoor use. The company has chosen to engage in manufacture grounded on the principles of circular economy, where most of the raw materials, electrical energy included, come from renewable sources.

As all processes of candle manufacture consume high amounts of electrical energy, in an effort to find the most efficient ways to save energy and to take advantage of renewable sources of energy, the company has made a decision to purchase a photovoltaic solar power plant, which will help it reduce environmental pollution and will be beneficial in making a contribution to mitigating the consequences of climate change in the world.

We believe that the acquisition of the solar power plant will put the company in a position of achieving its goals.