Digital solutions for optimizing business management

UAB “Geralda” actively seeks uniqueness in competitiveness by using the least resources, providing smooth business process and communication with clients and business partners. Furthermore, all of this is achieved in a professional and timely manner. It is crucial to manage these processes well and to make effective and well-timed decisions when the demand and number of clients grows.

The goal of UAB “Geralda” to make processes inside and outside of the company more effective has pushed it to implement e-business solutions. These solutions help bring all the business’ processes into one system and in this way empower the company to increase work efficiency and created value. Creation and inclusion of such a system required some additional funding.

The project “optimization of UAB “Geralda” activities by implementing digital business solutions” was initiated to ensure an effective manufacturing process. The funding was provided by European regional development fund, … The project which aimed at increasing the company‘s effectiviness was in total funded 62733 EUR of which 31366 EUR were from the European regional development fund, and the rest from the company itself.

European union’s funds help maintaining the high quality of projects, thus allowing to fully implement and adapt digital solutions for UAB “Geralda”. Throughout the project, specially modified solution was installed to integrate most important managing processes.

Finishing the project will ensure the main goals and aims of the company are accomplished – optimized business’ management process will not only guarantee the manufacturing, but also all of company’s processes’ effectiveness.