Deployment of cutting-edge technology for the expansion of production capacities

UAB Geralda’s strategic goal is to greatly improve the sales of its products on the local market and particularly on foreign soil. The company seeks to increase its sales by offering to the consumers innovative and environment-friendlier products that create a higher added value for the buyers. To achieve this, the company needs to complete a series of tasks: develop the products as such, customise the technology needed to make them, and take care of the sales aspects. UAB Geralda’s team has developed and patented an innovative product that requires unique and highly advanced equipment to produce. The implementation of this project calls for additional investments.

This project is implemented and the development of the production capacity by deploying cutting-edge technology is ensured with the help of funding from the European Regional Development Fund under the measure Regio Invest LT+ of the Operational Programme for EU Structural Funds Investments for 2014–2020, priority axis 3 ‘Supporting the Competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises’. The total amount of the investments into the project that aims to increase the production capacity of the company stands at EUR 2,792,787.00, with the funding from the Regional Development amounting to EUR 977,475.00, and the rest of the financial resources is provided by the company itself.

The assistance from the European Union funds constitutes a very significant contribution to achieving the project’s goals. It will be used to purchase new cutting-edge equipment that will help us successfully commercialise this unique product and manufacture it on an industrial scale.

After the goals of the project have been achieved, the company will be able to successfully proceed with implementing its long-term strategy of boosting its production capacity, developing innovative and environment-friendly products that create added value for the clients, using cutting-edge equipment and technology to make them.

Digital solutions for optimizing business management

UAB “Geralda” actively seeks uniqueness in competitiveness by using the least resources, providing smooth business process and communication with clients and business partners. Furthermore, all of this is achieved in a professional and timely manner. It is crucial to manage these processes well and to make effective and well-timed decisions when the demand and number of clients grows.

The goal of UAB “Geralda” to make processes inside and outside of the company more effective has pushed it to implement e-business solutions. These solutions help bring all the business’ processes into one system and in this way empower the company to increase work efficiency and created value. Creation and inclusion of such a system required some additional funding.

The project “optimization of UAB “Geralda” activities by implementing digital business solutions” was initiated to ensure an effective manufacturing process. The funding was provided by European regional development fund, … The project which aimed at increasing the company‘s effectiviness was in total funded 62733 EUR of which 31366 EUR were from the European regional development fund, and the rest from the company itself.

European union’s funds help maintaining the high quality of projects, thus allowing to fully implement and adapt digital solutions for UAB “Geralda”. Throughout the project, specially modified solution was installed to integrate most important managing processes.

Finishing the project will ensure the main goals and aims of the company are accomplished – optimized business’ management process will not only guarantee the manufacturing, but also all of company’s processes’ effectiveness.

New horizons in 2016

In November 15th of 2017, our company finished a project named “UAB “GERALDA” – making the business more competitive by participation in international exhibitions”. Partly financed by European structural and investment funds, it was achieved with the tool “New Horizons”. The aim of the project was to increase the company’s competitiveness by exhibiting the firm and its produce in fairs and exhibitions held abroad. This, in turn, was predicted to result in improved export sales. According to the contract and excluding taxes, the company had to invest 42.947,00 EUR or less of its own money, whereas the sum of the assistance had to reach 42.947,00 EUR. The total value of the project based on the contract with Lithuania’s business support agency was 85.894,00 EUR.

While carrying out the project, the company participated in the most important fairs in its market. Innovative products, modern technological decisions, flexible business managing methods and skilled workers make for a great way to expand abroad. Exporting would enable us to eliminate seasonal influence on the company, maintain the already existing employment and create new workplaces. UAB “Geralda” actively conducts consistent export development and has successful experience of participating in international exhibitions. In these fairs, a number of productive business connections were created with partners in many different countries. The project will not only strengthen the position in the world market, but will also represent Lithuania as an exporter of high-quality mass-produced goods.

Promoting the competitiveness of UAB Geralda’s business through attendance of international shows

UAB Geralda is implementing the project ‘Promoting the Competitiveness of UAB Geralda’s Business Through Attendance of International Shows’, project No 03.2.1-LVPA-K-801-05-0029. The project is being implemented under New Opportunities LT, a measure co-funded with the financial resources of the European Regional Development Fund. The project has up to EUR 42,153 in funds earmarked to finance eligible expenses. In the course of implementing this project, the company will be attending key shows of the industry in target export markets. Once implemented, the project will result in a higher competitiveness and volumes of exports of the company, leading to an increase in the company’s production capacity and profitability, which is a fundamental condition for ensuring sustainable and long-term development and expansion of the company, one that will bring direct benefits to the company for years after the implementation of the project, among other things, by building lasting recognition of the company.

Minimising the intensity of energy consumption at UAB Geralda

As part of the project ‘Minimising the Intensity of Energy Consumption at UAB Geralda’, project No 04.2.1-LVPA-K-836-01-0047, under the measure Renewable Energy Resources for Industry LT+, priority axis 4 ‘Supporting Energy Efficiency and the Production and Use of Renewable Energy’, the company has bought equipment for a photovoltaic solar power station.

The company has invested EUR 80,227.27 of its own funds (exclusive of VAT) into this project under a funding agreement, and the support amount totals EUR 94,842.16. The total amount of eligible expenses in the project budget stands at EUR 160,749.43 (exclusive of VAT).

UAB Geralda is one of Lithuania’s largest candle manufacturers and has been in business for over 20 years. The company’s specialty is container candles for indoor and outdoor use. The company has chosen to engage in manufacture grounded on the principles of circular economy, where most of the raw materials, electrical energy included, come from renewable sources.

As all processes of candle manufacture consume high amounts of electrical energy, in an effort to find the most efficient ways to save energy and to take advantage of renewable sources of energy, the company has made a decision to purchase a photovoltaic solar power plant, which will help it reduce environmental pollution and will be beneficial in making a contribution to mitigating the consequences of climate change in the world.

We believe that the acquisition of the solar power plant will put the company in a position of achieving its goals.