New horizons in 2016

In November 15th of 2017, our company finished a project named “UAB “GERALDA” – making the business more competitive by participation in international exhibitions”. Partly financed by European structural and investment funds, it was achieved with the tool “New Horizons”. The aim of the project was to increase the company’s competitiveness by exhibiting the firm and its produce in fairs and exhibitions held abroad. This, in turn, was predicted to result in improved export sales. According to the contract and excluding taxes, the company had to invest 42.947,00 EUR or less of its own money, whereas the sum of the assistance had to reach 42.947,00 EUR. The total value of the project based on the contract with Lithuania’s business support agency was 85.894,00 EUR.

While carrying out the project, the company participated in the most important fairs in its market. Innovative products, modern technological decisions, flexible business managing methods and skilled workers make for a great way to expand abroad. Exporting would enable us to eliminate seasonal influence on the company, maintain the already existing employment and create new workplaces. UAB “Geralda” actively conducts consistent export development and has successful experience of participating in international exhibitions. In these fairs, a number of productive business connections were created with partners in many different countries. The project will not only strengthen the position in the world market, but will also represent Lithuania as an exporter of high-quality mass-produced goods.